Sky Garden @ Kallang Trivista

Do you know that there is a rooftop garden just beside Kallang MRT? The edible garden is situated above the parking of Kallang Trivista.

Kallang Trivista

Our eyeballs were captured by the pavilion standing at the centre of the garden. Well-designed garden paths provides a sense of structure and gardeners can get from one point to another easily. Beside the pavilion, volunteer gardeners upcycled the used tyres by painting and turning them into colourful home for plants.

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How to grow French bean?

French bean is heat tolerant and trailing plant. Suitable for stir frying or boil.

Planting instruction: For better germination rates and better chances of survival in the never ending battle against the slugs and snails, you can opt for the greenhouse starter kit. Alternatively, you can sow them direct to the vegetable patch which is far less work but leaves you more open to slug attack and has a lower germination rate.

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