Sky Garden @ Kallang Trivista

Do you know that there is a rooftop garden just beside Kallang MRT? The edible garden is situated above the parking of Kallang Trivista.

Kallang Trivista

Our eyeballs were captured by the pavilion standing at the centre of the garden. Well-designed garden paths provides a sense of structure and gardeners can get from one point to another easily. Beside the pavilion, volunteer gardeners upcycled the used tyres by painting and turning them into colourful home for plants.

During our visit, we had blue butterfly pea flowers + honey tea made by Jasmine, one of the volunteer gardeners. The blue butterfly pea flowers were freshly picked from the garden. With the snacks and homemade cheesecake, we enjoyed our picnic at the pavilion.This is the place where volunteer gardeners gather to have breakfast, chit chat, rest and chill.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers + Honey Tea, Snacks and Homemade Cheesecake

The garden was born about two years ago. Passionate gardeners who stay in Kallang Trivista gathered to make this happened and this far. Volunteer gardeners started this garden to grow their own food and share the fruits of their labour. Before Chinese New Year in February this year, they harvested Chinese Lettuce together and used the Chinese Lettuce for steamboat. Not only does homegrown lettuce tastes better, it is pesticide free!

Look at what we found!

This collective farming has strengthen community bond and brought everyone closer to each other. Besides attending gardening workshops to beef up knowledge and tackle plant related problems such as pests, volunteer gardeners share knowledge with each other and discuss solutions whenever problems arise. 


One of the gardening tips we learned was to “scold” our plants when they do not produce fruit no matter what we do, “If you don’t grow fruit, I will chop you off.” An interesting tip which works sometimes!

Taking care of a garden is not easy. To create a condition that will cause the plants to thrive and produce abundantly, gardeners must weed, water, fertilize, and care for the plants. Volunteer gardeners in Sky Garden have chosen to integrate Grow Our Own Food into their lifestyles and overcome challenges to be urban farmers who contribute to sustainable food ecosystem by reducing reliance on food import. 


How about you?

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