Grandma’s Braised Vegetables with Mushrooms and Black Fungus

Looking for something healthy and simple to make? Try our Grandma’s Braised Vegetables in four steps!

Prepare black fungus, glass noodles, napa cabbages, shallots, mushrooms, dry lily flowers (soak in water and remove the hard part), bean curd sheets (soak in water for a while), soy sauce, water and oil.

Step 1: Pour some oil into frying pan, fry sliced shallots, mushrooms and dry lily flowers

Step 2: Add soy sauce and water

Step 3: Bring the water to boil and add napa cabbages

Step 4: After boiling, add black fungus and turn your stove to medium heat. Add glass noodles and bean curd sheets. 

Serve hot with rice. Yummy!

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