How to grow Chinese cabbage – Ong King?

Ong King pak choy grows very well in tropics. Plant height about 30-35cm, light yellow leaves with thick white stem. Highly nutritious and one of the popular soup base ingredients.

Soil: Fertile, loose and well-drained soil with good water retention

Water: Once a day. Keep soil evenly moist so that plants grow fast and stay tender.

Spacing: 20 – 30 cm

Sun: Full sun or partial shade provided it gets at least 4 to 5 hours of sun each day and plenty of water

Days to germination: 5 – 8 days. Note: Chinese cabbage does not transplant well. Seedlings started indoors should be started in biodegradable peat or paper pots which are easily set into the garden.

Companion plants: Cauliflower. Do not plant with tomatoes, peppers, okra, or potatoes.

Time to harvest: Mature between 25 – 28 days after sowing

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