How to grow chinese celery

Planting instruction: As plants grow mound up soil around the stems to blanch them. Plant self-blanching celery in blocks 6 to 12 inches apart; planting closer will give a higher yield but more slender stalks.

Care: Keep celery planting beds weed free to avoid competition for moisture and nutrients

Harvesting: Time from planting to harvest is 100 to 130 days from transplants about 20 days longer from seed. A 10 foot row should yield about 20 heads of celery


Soil condition: The soil must stay watered at all times. Otherwise, it will be problematic (stringy, tough, and/or hollow stalks). Rich, fertile soil with plenty of organic matter mixed in because celery roots are shallow (just a few inches deep), make sure nutrients are in the top of the soil.

Spacing: seed ¼ to ½ inch deep, 6 to 10 inches apart; space rows 24 inches apart

Days to germination: 7 days

Time to harvest: 90 Days

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