How to grow French bean?

French bean is a heat tolerant and trailing plant. Suitable for stir-frying.

Planting instruction: For better germination rates and better chances of survival in the never ending battle against the slugs and snails, you can opt for the greenhouse starter kit. Alternatively, you can sow them direct to the vegetable patch which is far less work but leaves you more open to slug attack and has a lower germination rate.

Soil condition: A well-drained loamy soil with pH range of 5.5-6.0 is suited for French bean cultivation. Although it can be grown on all types of soil, loams and clay loams are best for obtaining high yield.

Spacing: 20 to 30 cm between each plant

Days to germination: 5 to 8 days

Care: Keep the weeds at bay as the young french bean plants grow and they’ll soon take over that job for you when their leaves form a good canopy. Water regularly but not so that the ground goes soggy and that’s pretty much all the care french bean plants will need. In dry weather pay good attention to watering as weakened plants are more susceptible to aphid attacks.

Stalking support: 1.8m support is tall enough

Harvesting: Mature in 50 days after sowing and able to continuous harvest for more than 2 months. Light green pods are about 15 cm length on average.

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