How to grow Turkey Berry?

turkey berry

Little Background

Turkey Berry is also known as Pea Eggplant. It is one of the key ingredients to many special traditional dishes. 

The fruits carry spicy flavour and are slightly bitter. Due to its unique taste, you can find it in several Thai cuisine such as red or green curry, the popular Thai dish, Kaeng Kai and others.

Need to Know

Beginner Level

– Perennial shrub which lives more than two years

– Propagation: stem cutting

– Soil: Well-drained potting mix with rich organic matter

– Sun: Full

– Water: Once everyday

– Fertilizer: Apply once a week, start with organic fertilizer with higher nitrogen (N) for leaf growth and switch to organic fertilizer with higher phosphorous (P) for flowering and fruiting

Key Health Benefits

Turkey Berries 

(1) help in Anemia as they contain lots of iron

(2) are good for digestion and help to treat indigestion, stomachache and diarrhoea

(3) help to prevent and heal colds and flu

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