How to grow yard long bean?

Planting instruction: Seed bed should be prepared for deep soil types. The drainage facility should be mounted for the seed beds. The seeds should be sown 2 cm deep down the soil in rows.

Care: The plants are susceptible to black bean aphids, spider mites, nematodes, and mosaic viruses. Aphids, particularly the black bean aphid are drawn to the pods of this plant. Bean fly is the main pest causing small yellow spots on the leaves. They can be treated by spraying dimethoate. Red spider mite produce a speckled silvery appearance on leaves and can be treated by spraying dicofol.

Harvesting: Average time from seed to harvest is 60 – 80 days which is about 2 weeks after bloom. Although the name for these beans is yardlong beans, if a bean ever reaches a yard long it will have lost its dense crispness and will to be over-mature and tough. The pods are best picked when less than 18 inches (50 cm) long and thinner than a pencil. Once they start producing, you may need to harvest every 2-3 days to keep the plants producing.


Soil condition: The soil for the Yard Long Beans must be well drained, fertile and the texture which is suitable is garden loamy. The pH of the soil should be 5.5 -7.5. They can even tolerate slightly acidic soil for the cultivation. The water logging, or heavy rainfall is not at all a problem for the Yard Long Beans.

Spacing: 30 -50 cm apart from each other in a row

Days to germination: Germination will take place within 6 to 10 days

Time to harvest: Fresh pods may be harvested at 70-90 days

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